Is There Something Wrong With You? Are You Going To Suffer Premature Ejaculation Or Solve It Now? Men Health Issues --> Good Info for Man Issues

Is There Something Wrong With You? Are You Going To Suffer Premature Ejaculation Or Solve It Now?  Men Health Issues --> Good Info for Man Issues

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Is There Something Wrong With You? Are You Going To Suffer Premature Ejaculation Or Solve It Now?

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Premature ejaculation is a condition that is found in men of all ages. This is a common problem but men are not willing to openly speak it out. It is noted that 30% of the men in the world suffer from this condition at one stage of their lives. You however, do not need medical attention to solve this problem. There are easy natural remedies which can be applied to help heal the condition.It may be easy but of course this does not take away the seriousness of premature ejaculation and the emotional pain and suffering it can cause, especially to people’s relationships.Let’s take a look at some of the various techniques available that can be used to approach this problem. The exact cause of premature ejaculation is not clear but there are factors that are thought to cause this condition. Problems experienced in relationships, stress and anxiety as well as changes in the body at different times like hormonal imbalances, there is also prostrate cancers as well as infected urinary system, there are also complications related to withdrawal from some drugs. All these could lead to premature ejaculation.Sexual therapy is one thing that can help one control their ejaculation. This is basically masturbation. Masturbating just before getting sexually engaged to your partner could largely reduces chances of a premature ejaculation. You will have such a delayed ejaculation once you masturbate beforehand.The other technique that can be of great help is the squeeze technique. This is achievable if one is being helped by their partner. This is done in the course of the sexual encounter. You will get on with sex but then the man should be quite alert and just when he is about to ejaculate, the partner should squeeze the penis at its base until the ejaculation feeling goes. The man should then wait for some minutes before resuming sex. With time the man will get used to holding back an ejaculation and the technique will have played its role and no longer need to do it.Approaching the problem in a similar way to other physical problems with the body is another technique in preventing premature ejaculation. This is done through exercise and developing techniques that will assist at the moment of ejaculation. The PC muscle (located between the pubic bone and tailbone. Exercises which strengthen the PC muscle can assist in the control of premature ejaculation. The can also make the moment of orgasm stronger and your penis harder.There are two main exercises you can do to strengthen the PC muscle. They are the stop start method and the Kegel method. If you feel any pain during these exercises you should stop and see a health practitioner. These are meant to be a positive change. You will feel you are sexually fit and healthy by undertaking an exercise regime for your PC muscle.The other technique is a therapy which is also referred to as counseling therapy. This involves getting in a third party to help sort your relationship issues. Talking to a Doctor on your experiences can be of great help. Holding sessions with your health provider and explaining to them what you are going through will help ease this situation. When a problem bothering someone psychologically is shared, it is as good as solved. The health provider will be in a situation to assess your situation and advice you accordingly.Premature ejaculation occurs at some point in many men’s lives, given the above reasons; you may find yourself experiencing this condition. Understanding your body and the techniques that can help you through is the best solution to the problem. This condition should be faced by both parties as the partners help is much needed even in practicing some of the effective techniques there are.What if you can’t last longer?I know how hard it can be to endure the humiliation and embarrassment right in front of your girlfriend or wife. But if you really want her to look at you with total awe and hear her groans of satisfaction to make you feel more of the man you are, then you’ll need to totally immerse yourself in a simple solution.This method is simple to do, doesn’t take much practice, and you can play it on your iPod, iPhone or any mp3 player. You can get this completely free here: PE Hypnosis Downloads.Don’t give up hope, it’s NOT impossible. Read about the best herbal premature ejaculation pills, by clicking the link.

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