Making coconut oilTo a certain extent

Making coconut oilTo a certain extent
Making coconut oil
Making coconut oil

To a certain extent every woman is a fan of cosmetic means. Sometimes in the bathroom there is nothing else but all kinds of jars and tubes.

But few of us know about such incredibly useful product for our skin as coconut oil. According to historians, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra indulge her body with this fatty tropical liquid and took baths with coconut milk.

Now it is easy to get coconuts everywhere, not only in tropical countries. But it is much more pleasant to prepare it yourself, invest a piece of your soul and positive mood in its composition.

But before we tell you how to make coconut oil, we would like to tell a little about its beneficial properties.

Useful properties

It has a delicate and very pleasant aroma, soothing and uplifting;

It is very quickly absorbed and do not fill the pores;

At the regular skin is smoothed and wrinkles are reduced;

It protects the hair of the scalp, makes it shiny and prevents and hair loss;

Has wound-healing properties and can be used for burns on the skin against sunburn;

Can be used as a sunscreen. Women living in Polynesia always have beautiful skin color and smooth tan;

It is the ideal tool for massage because it is formed on the skin thin layer that helps to massage the most effectively and efficiently;

Makes the skin incredibly soft, smooth and velvety.

How to make coconut oil at home

We actually need one coconut. Finding it now wouldn’t be difficult.

Take a coconut with your hands and find 3 black round and small dents. This is the place, where the nut was attached to the tree. Take something sharp (a screwdriver) and pierce through dents to let the water out.

Then we split a nut with a hammer into several parts (act carefully) and cut white meat.

Then grind it either in a blender or on a shallow grater and fill it with warm water. After 10-15 minutes, put the mass is in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. It is better to do it in the evening.

During this time thick and dense crust is formed on the surface which needs to be collected in a separate bowl. This is our coconut oil. Put it on a water bath and heated to a liquid consistence (do not boil, otherwise all the useful properties will disappear).

Strain the oil through several layers of gauze and pour it in a glass jar.

The period of storage of domestic coconut oil is more than a week.

In the refrigerator the liquid hardens, but once you take a small amount in the hands, it slowly melts.

How to use it?

This wonderful tropical product is widely used in cooking, especially for frying, use in infant formula, in the manufacture of non-milk cream, snacks including popcorn.

Hair care

It is one of the best natural ingredients for nourishment. This is an excellent air conditioning and helps in restoring damaged hair growth. Regular coconut head massage aids in getting rid of dandruff.

For dry hair

Pick a few curry leaves and cook them with coconut oil for about 2-3 minutes (this mixture can be stored in a cool place for a few days). Apply the mixture on the head skin and coat the hair with warm towel, rinse with warm water. This mixture will nourish the hair follicles, removes dryness and makes hair strong.

Skin care

It is excellent massage oil. Oil acts as an effective moisturizing cream for all skin types, including a dry one.

Coconut oil is a safe solution to prevent dryness, cracking and peeling of the skin as it contains sufficient amounts of saturated fat to prevent moisture loss.

Oil (due to the presence of antioxidants prevents the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin that usually begin to appear with age. This means helps in the prevention of premature aging and in the treatment of various skin diseases.