Tricomin – Do I need to get anything other than the spray? Tips For Healthy Hair

Tricomin – Do I need to get anything other than the spray?  Tips For Healthy Hair

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Tricomin – Do I need to get anything other than the spray?

If I am going to be adding Tricomin to my regimen, do I need to get anything other than the spray? How effective are the shampoo and conditioner?

Most of the hairs I have falling out do not have that big chunk of white stuff on the end of them (I understand that to be excess DHT that is coming through the poors), so is Tricomin shampoo/conditioner more or less likely to be for me? I still have itching of the scalp, but mostly only on the front right portion of my hairline.

Tricomin in general doesn’t work, or just the spray?

Any additional responses would be great, I’m considering purchasing it this week, along with Minox….yep…I think I’m gonna take the plunge!

it might facilitate the more effective products like fin ,minox etc

but it wont do anything on its own i dont think despite what they about regrowth from it i dont think youll find anyone whos had anything significant.

Tricomin DOES work at what it’s supposed to do and that is:

-Extend the anagen phase of the follicle

On it’s own? No, it probably won’t do too much. But in addition to the minox or fin it would be a helpful addition.

Ok ok, thanks for posting guys, but my question is whether I should get the shampoo and conditioner as well??

Thanks JWM, as far as conditioners go, is the Tricomin one any good, or should I go without a conditioner?

Also, I’m assuming you stuck with Nizoral as your permanent shampoo?

Unless you plan on having the shampoo/conditioner on your scalp for a few hours I don’t think it will work.

And please ignore Jm0311. He is rather clueless.

Ok I’ll just get the spray then, however i may grab the conditioner as well.

This is of course assuming I don’t just decide to do HT at some point in time.

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