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Posts Tagged ‘Essential Nutrients’
Health And Nutrition Basic Info About Health And Nutrition
Health And Nutrition

This is the goal of a living organism to defend itself in good health. This is the main task of the quality of food they consume in order to achieve a higher level of physical needs. The old adage that “you are what you eat” is true, that there is no other way to absorb the nutrients it needs through the consumption of other foods that right.

The first step necessary for good health is proper nutrition. And this word is often misunderstood, and refers to foods that we eat is not going to lose weight, and usually is the modern usage of the term. Types of nutrients needed for good health, water, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, fiber and carbohydrates. Some of the nutrients required in large quantities. Carbohydrates and fats needed for muscles to be used as an energy source during the protein used to create new jobs body tissues. Essential nutrients in the water itself the performance of various functions to maintain the body’s cells to work to eliminate waste from the body.

Other types of food that your body needs to maintain good health is one of the amino acids and small amounts of metal to help the organization and functioning of cells and the supply of trace elements in individual cells required to perform certain actions. And good nutrition also contains compounds called antioxidants. The isotope is complex to remove excess free radicals caused by absorption and use of other vehicles that take the rest of the health of the cell. Ask enough antioxidants to negate the effects of cancer and aging of cells. Read the rest of this entry »